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  • Live Updates of The Oscars

    AMPAS Monday Nights With Oscar Screening Of "Driving Miss Daisy"


    The 85th Annual Academy Awards have begun!

    After another amazing year of reviewing films, we are happy to sit back and see who gets recognized. But The Oscars aren't solely about the awards. They have always been a night of celebrating the wonderful magic that is cinema. From the glorious red carpet all the way to the final acceptance speech for Best Picture, we love every minute of it.

    You can follow us live ...

  • Movie Blogbuster team predicts the Oscar winners


    The Movie Blogbuster team is eagerly counting down the hours to one of our favorite nights of the year, The Oscars. While catching up on some of the nominated films last minute, we decided to pool our predictions for this years winners.

    Here's our Academy Awards forecast:

    Best Picture:


    Argo - Sara, Michael, Amy

    Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Django Unchained

    Les Miserables

    Life of Pi - Nagham

    Lincoln - Zaw

    Silver Linings Playbook

    Zero Dark Thirty

    Best Director:

    Michael Haneke-Amour

    Benh Zeitlin-Beasts of the Southern Wild

    Ang Lee-Life of Pi - Zaw

    David ...

  • The Descendants

    The Descendants

    Movie Blogbuster's in-house writer Amy Dymond's review of The Descendants:

    There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding The Descendants and its main star George Clooney. Both the film and its lead actor won Golden Globes, but to be honest, the judging panel for these awards must all be middle-aged parents because I just didn’t get it.

    It’s not like I haven’t had existential ponderings about my place on this earth and what it all means. I told my friend at lunch ...

  • Golden Globes + SAGs = Oscars


    Was anybody really surprised at who got nominated for the Oscars? That’s the thing about the Academy Awards. The pre-bash of the Golden Globes, the SAGs and the BAFTAS can either make or break the biggest film award ceremony in the world.

    The SAGs have the biggest overlap with the Academy in terms of who is on the judging panel, so anyone who went home with a gong there is in pretty good steed to dominate at the Oscars.


  • Silent cinema speaks volumes

    The Artist

    An unexpected feel-good film has come out of France this year and rattled the chains of award ceremonies and film festivals everywhere. Why so unexpected? It’s black and white. And it’s silent.

    The Artist is a romance directed by Michel Hazanavicius and documents the decline of silent film star George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) in Hollywood in the turn of the 20s and 30s. Dujardin was awarded best actor at the film’s premiere at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival where the ...

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