Who Am I?

Based in Dubai, Movie Blogbuster was born from the love of stories played out on the big screen. The internet is exponentially littered with movie news websites but we are moving beyond the standard regurgitation of film release dates and who’s playing who opposite who. Since launching in March 2010, Movie Blogbuster has gone from strength to strength and we are now endeavouring to create a real online film community, satisfying the appetites of blockbuster blogbuster fans in the Middle East while giving indie filmmakers and film festivals a push in the right direction.

Films can change our minds and affect the paths we take. Films can help us transcend time and space. Here is a little edit we did to show you exactly what we mean:

  • michael

    Michael Maksoudian

  • amy

    Amy Dymond

  • jennifer

    Jennifer Ostojski

  • Nagham Akileh

    Nagham Akileh

  • Sara Castillo

    Sara Castillo