Front Row Filmed Entertainment has sealed a deal with iTunes



The leading independent Middle East film distributor, ‘Front Row Filmed Entertainment’ has sealed a deal with iTunes and will act as an aggregator for any independent, Arabic and Bollywood distribution companies who would like to make their titles available across the Middle East and the world. Front Row has already launched a few of their own distributed titles and is looking to launch more in the coming months. Film fans can now rent or purchase titles through Electronic Sell Through including the newly released “A LONG WAY DOWN,” “RUSH,” “DIANA” and the all-time Middle East box office champion “WHERE DO WE GO NOW?” in several languages and subtitles and in up to 1080p quality in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar and Oman.

Front Row is considered a pioneer in the Middle Eastern VOD market after introducing the ‘Premium VOD Window’ with titles such as Hammer’s “THE RESIDENT” and “LET ME IN” as well as George Clooney’s “THE IDES OF MARCH.” The independent film industry immediately followed, by expanding its influence in territories where VOD Platforms are currently operating such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Front Row will aggressively pursue the Premium VOD Window making titles available in 8 territories across the Middle East including day-and-date theatrical releases in Saudi Arabia, a territory that, by law, is denied movie theatres.

Hisham Al Ghanim, General Manager of the Kuwait National Cinema Company and partner in Front Row Filmed Entertainment, said: “With 109 iTunes Movie Stores globally, this is an exciting opportunity for Arab Cinema and emerging local talent, not only across the region, but also worldwide.”

Gianluca Chakra, Managing Partner, adds “with Free Television not acquiring independent titles, the DVD market dying and Pay TV being extremely selective, I’m sure that local film distributors will finally find common grounds and encourage the VOD medium even more. We’re sure iTunes will become the place to turn to when looking for a movie.”

iTunes, is the only platform in the Middle East that offers simultaneous releases in eight countries: UAE, Egypt, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan and Kuwait.

Front Row’s upcoming releases include “Begin Again,” “Maps To The Stars,” “A Walk Among The Tombstones,” “The Guest,” “The Riot Club,” “Wish I Was Here” and “Northmen: A Viking Saga” which will be available on iTunes shortly after their theatrical release in the Middle East.

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