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What a movie to kick off the summer! X-Men Days of Future Past is everything you’d want in a blockbuster super hero action movie: action, comedy, bromance, more action, you get the idea.

The film is a sequel to the prequel X-Men: First Class, but also a sequel to the original X-Men series. In case you haven’t been nerding out since last year like us this installment is somewhat simultaneously set in the future and in the past.

In the future, giant mutant hunting robots have been destroying mutants, humans (who may ever have a mutant child), and much of Earth in the process, for years. Only a select few are left and they come together to attempt to change history entirely. But how you ask? By sending back Wolverine’s consciousness into his body during the days of bell bottoms and Nixon to find the X-Men’s younger selves and set them on a new path. And he must do it fast, before the giant robots get to them in the future.

As Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) attempts to unite the young Professor X (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender), they learn their common enemy is not humans (or each other) but Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence). It has been 11 years since X-Men: First Class and since then, Raven has become the fanatical and deadly Mystique, set on destroying anyone who even considers harming mutants. Along with Beast (Nicholas Hoult), and a brief but oh-so-awesome cameo from a young Quicksilver (Evan  Peters), the X-Men must change Mystique’s ways, and not make anything worse in the process, or they are all doomed to a bleak future.

As far as X-Men films go, this installment is one of the strongest. The “dual” storyline ups the intensity and the contrasting dynamics of old and young characters provides for a satisfying frustration throughout the film. You want to strangle Erik and Charles for being so stubborn and for refusing to work together at times, but then you see them older and wiser, and you get the sense that they only got that way because of their past. 

Which only makes you question, while watching the film, what will come of the X-Men if their past is changed? Yet that is obviously the point, because changing their past allows for more sequels and an entirely new course that never existed in the Marvel world. It’s exciting, but also worrisome. The first X-Men trilogy started strong and ended with a flop. But, hopefully, if X-Men Days of Future Past is any indication of the new direction X-Men films will head, X-Men Apocalypse (set for 2016) is going to be epic. Reviewed by Sara Castillo.

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