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the other woman

If I could give this film a hard 3.9 stars I really would. A new Nick Cassavetes (Alpha Dog, The Notebook) film, The Other Woman is laugh out loud funny, has a great cast and although it doesn’t have a novel premise, it’s definitely been modernized. Starring Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (you may know him as Jaime Lannister), the film revolves around the women’s weird and unexpected friendship as they bond over being cheated on by the same guy (Coster-Waldau as Mark King).

At first the films seems like an updated First Wives Club, with the scorned women becoming friends and plotting revenge, all the while trying to get their lives on track. But The Other Woman simplifies it with one bad guy, and modernizes it by focusing more on the women’s unique dynamic. Carly (Diaz) is tough and practical, whereas Kate (Mann) is sweet and scatterbrained. Amber (Upton) comes in later but balances out the two with her youthfulness. It’s strange to think about the women being friends when they all, at some point, had feelings for the same man, but it’s refreshing to see them become united instead of turning against each other.

Their chemistry is very genuine and it often induces endearing, meaningful moments, as well as hilarious ones. The last time I laughed as hard at a female ensemble comedy was Bridesmaids. The only reason I couldn’t give the film a solid 4 stars was because of the way Mark King was dealt with. No spoilers, but it felt somewhat cliche and a little slapstick. With the rest of the film’s humor, it seemed a bit careless to have it end as predictably.

Despite that, I’d recommend The Other Woman to anyone in a relationship, or who has had one end in a less fortunate way. Reviewed by Sara Castillo.

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