This might be one of the highly anticipated upcoming movies of 2014, where all the money used for creating the movie was crowdfunded by Kickstarter. So, you can easily assume it has a huge cult following. The movie starts years after the show left off (if you haven’t watched the series we suggest you start now before the movie comes out), we see Veronica has become a hot shot lawyer in New York, and she’s in a relationship with *gasp* Piz, then the real story begins.

Veronica finds out that Logan Echols, her former lover, is the prime suspect in his girlfriend’s murder, then he calls and asks for her help, and that’s when she goes back to Neptune, and the real fun begins.

This movie promises to be a big hit in the cinemas, and a fan favorite, but we have to wait until March 14 to get to watch it! #StartsCountdown

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