edge of tomorrow
Tom Cruise stars in yet another end of the world/the world is ending due to aliens kind of movie, which makes one feel that he is stuck in a rut. However, this time around, the premise seems interesting and the action looks gritty, having been directed by Doug Liman of the Bourne Identity fame.

Tom Cruise is Lt. Col. Bill Cage, an untrained officer who is ill equipped to be of any use in combat, which is why he dies within minutes of being sent to a ‘suicide mission’. The mission is to defend Earth from a race of aliens called the Mimics, who are out to destroy humanity and seem to be unbeatable by any military force of the world. When Cage dies after coming in contact with an alien, he gets stuck in an inexplicable time loop, where he relives the same mission over and over again. Every time he resurrects, he tries to fight the aliens differently and with more skill, which he learns from Special Forces solider Rita Vrataski (played by Emily Blunt). Do the subsequent loops allow them to defeat the enemy? We will only find out when the movie is released in June 2014 by Warner Brothers.

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