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You R Next

The only thing scary about You’re Next is that people might actually pay to go see it.

A horrible home-invasion horror movie, You’re Next depicts the wealthy Davison family as they get tormented by a group of masked murderers. It’s immediately apparent there is little to no effort in the script, direction, and camera work of this film, and after about ten minutes the poorly executed scenes become so ridiculous they are laughable. The murderers have no apparent motive at first, making them ruthless and deranged, but soon after their purpose is revealed the plot seems more contrived than ever. Add to that a tough-chick character backstory that is included to show the filmmakers aren’t completely void of sense, sound effects that try and manipulate you into thinking you’re scared (when actually you’re just slowly losing your hearing), and cheap plastic forest animal masks, and you pretty much have the 94 minutes of You’re Next.

The only advantage there could possibly be to how bad You’re Next is, is if it launches it into cult level status. There are more movies I could list in that category that would be just as hard as You’re Next to sit through in the theater (Human Centipede for starters), and yet they obtain an underground fandom that is sometimes unexplainable.

So while, You’re Next is an awfully produced horror film, it’s exactly that that makes it entertaining at times. Once you stop taking it seriously, it becomes fun to laugh at and talk about. Just wait for it on DVD so you don’t ruin it for others who would actually be scared by a guy in a plastic sheep mask popping on screen to the sound of a loud horn. Reviewed by Sara Castillo

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