“The big four all together. Santa Claus, Tooth Fairy, Sandman and the Easter Kangaroo…” That’s right. Hugh Jackman is going to play the Easter Bunny, Bunnymund in a new animation that sees the four most iconic figures from childhood unite in a quest against… well as far as the trailer goes… we’re not quite sure.

Almost like an animated Avengers, the trailer consists of a young Jack Frost (Chris Pine) who is recruited by Santa Claus in resistance to an evil force of whom it isn’t entirely clear. Further research tells us that the nemesis at hand is, Pitch, a sort of Boogeyman to be voiced by Jude Law.

Jack is a bit of a wayward kid, having topped the naughty list several times and the movie looks like a whole bunch of fun. Let’s hope Guillermo del Toro’s role as an executive producer and the Dreamworks banner will keep things tight and exciting.

Isla Fisher and Alec Baldwin round up the immortal fab four as Tooth and Santa Claus while the Sandman will remain voiceless. Interesting.

Rise of the Guardians will be released in US theatres on November 21, this year.

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