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This is the first feature for the young director Kenton Bartlett and is a very good start to a hopefully long and prosperous career. What the movie revealed beyond any doubt is the potential of Kenton’s storytelling skills.

Although the movie starts off confusing and slow paced; the plot becomes clearer and more gripping as we move forward. MISSING PIECES definitely took some inspiration from SAW and introduced it to the plot. Mark Boon Jr. plays the role of a heartbroken confused man who kidnaps a girl and a boy played by Taylor Engel and Daniel Hassel respectively. Throughout the movie, we see the two kidnapped characters waking up at different locations having to follow a set of instructions given to them by their kidnapper. The instructions are not the gruesome ones that we have been accustomed to in SAW but more of a softer romantic nature.

One thing that stood out for me was the cinematography. While it wasn’t consistent across the movie, some shots were brilliant in particular the one where the boy and girl were playing horseshoes. It is at these moments where you feel that Kenton is on the right track to success. Now, I can’t wait to watch his next feature WHEN IT’S COLD.

Movie Blog-o-meter: 3/5

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